Friday, April 17, 2009

Ongoing adventures of Adam & Tara: Copenhagen

Adam & Tara's latest weekend ‘European vacation’ was spent in Copenhagen, where they visited the Tivoli Gardens. They also went to Elsinore and Malmo, Sweden.
Adam hasn’t posted any pictures of himself from the trip (probably because he's worried that his mother will post them on her blog...) but he did post a picture of an old beer bottle.

Notice the swastika? According to Adam, Carlsberg used to have it on their label before WWII.

Next they are looking forward to Berlin and Turkey… and my visit of course!

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Dee said...

I was in Copenhagen for a few days about four years ago. It was for a conference and they scheduled one of our dinners at Tivoli Gardens. Loved it! I was there in mid-May, I think, and many things were blooming. That picture brought back some good memories.

I hope you have a great trip to Amsterdam (right?)!