Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chemo weight gain: Products I find helpful

While I am trying to stay away from too many processed foods, there are a few things that I like to have on hand that make following my food plan easier when I’m in a hurry. Before I put my groceries away, I take a sharpie and mark the WW points per serving on the front of the packages.

Here are some things that often end up in my grocery card:

Weight Watcher products
· Tortilla wraps (about 1/2 fat & calories of regular). I make a salad and roll it up in 2 or 3 wraps. I could eat a few every day and don't get tired of them. With a boiled egg or some other protein, it makes a good lunch. 1 WW point each.

· WW bagels. They are a bit smaller than regular & have less than 1/2 the fat & calories. They freeze well. 2 WW points each.

President’s Choice (PC) products

. Thin hamburger buns. I forget the name of the PC brand, but there’s also another brand called Thintini. They are pita bread type buns, found next to regular hamburger buns in the bread aisle. Great for sandwiches & they freeze well. 3 WW points each.
. Blue menu breaded chicken breasts. I cook two at a time and have one on a thintini bun the next day. They seem expensive (over $16 a box) but you get about 6-8 per box. 4 WW points each
. Blue menu meatballs. They heat up quick in the microwave and are great rolled up in a wrap or in a tomato sauce. 6 meatballs = 4 WW points.
. Ancient Grains crackers. I like them on soup and even crumble them on top of salad for a weird version of croutons. 10 crackers = 1 WW point.

To be continued...

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