Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Bucket List

No, I haven’t seen the movie… but I decided to write a bucket list anyway. Here is my dream list of things I’d like to do (in no particular order).

- Return to Nepal
- See the Grand Canyon
- Write a book
- Get a dog
- Swim with dolphins
- See the pyramids
- Spend time with Adam & Tara in Holland (I'm there now!)
- Visit Northern Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos
- Spend a week at a cottage on a lake (again)
- Attend a screening of Oprah (no judgement please...)
- Organize a retreat for women with metastatic cancer
- Write a children’s book (for my future grandchildren)
- Grow my own vegetables
- Vacation on a tropical island
- Go dog sledding
- Ride in a helicopter
- Visit San Francisco
- Learn to ride a motorcycle

I attended an event at Bushtukah tonight and one of the speakers said that her goal was to die happy. I’m blessed to have already done so many things in my life that everything on my to-do list would be just icing on the cake (except for spending time in Holland with Adam and Tara – that’s a must!). Here are some of the things that I can check off as ‘done’.

- Saw the Taj Mahal (India)
- Learned to ski (well OK, I'm still learning, but I started in 1990)
- Went parasailing (Florida)
- Saw Adam graduate from university
- Went trekking in Nepal
- Rode an elephant
- Had laser eye surgery

- Went on a kayak trip (Georgian Bay)
- Traveled to Australia
- Had a long-distance “fling” with an Australian
- Went snorkeling (Mexico)
- Traveled to Vietnam
- Visited the Great Wall of China
- Went on an African safari
- Rode a camel (Tanzania)

- Spent Christmas is a warm climate
- Slept in a yurt - in the winter! (Algonquin Park)
- Had professional photos taken of myself
- Organized a retreat for breast cancer survivors
- Rode in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti
- Bought a house on my own
- Started a blog
- Attended a James Taylor concert
- Attended an Elton John concert
- Saw Neil Young (with my son Adam)
- Went on a road trip with Adam (through the Czech Republic)
- Completed the 150 km MS bike tour
- Ran a 10k
- Joined a breast cancer survivor dragon boat team

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Anonymous said...

I love your bucket list idea. I think we should all do our own bucket list and that way not waste time doing stuff we don't like or that isn't on the bucket list.

I may start my own one today. I'm sure I'll add over time but at least write down the things that would give me purpose.

Thank you,

LOVE Nadine