Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm in love!

I've been on the web looking at dogs that are up for adoption (it's kind of like internet dating!). Check out this cutie. People have been telling me that beagles aren't the best choice, but how can I resist those eyes?

Here's the write-up on Lady Gwenevere:

This ol'gal is ready to start a new life with a family that she can call her own... forever. She is a sweet lady who wants nothing more than a nice soft spot to curl up in and nap in between watching her soap operas. Gwen is quickly picking up on house training, is very food motivated (good beagle!) and is eager to do whatever you're asking if there's a treat involved. She loves leashed walks but is not a good candidate for off leash hikes as her hound nose will quickly lead her away from her people.

Gwen sleeps peacefully right through the night nested in her kennel. She will protest a bit if she's asked to have kennel time during the day when there's other activity going on around her but we're working on that skill. This little hooked tail gal will need a plastic kennel as the metal crates are a danger to her tail getting caught.

Gwen currently has infections in both ears that are getting treated. She is great about receiving her ear drops and is tolerant of all the handling I've put her through (bath, nail trimming, bushings, teeth brushing). Gwen has been tested with cats and seems to just ignore them. She is okay with children but is more of a couch potato than a playmate.


Anonymous said...

Lady Gweneviere is a KEEPER! Into those eyes myself and no slouch when it comes to food - already a winner ... looking for luv in all the right places!!!!! C&J

Anonymous said...

Just remember - you will never be able to walk off leash with her. I know that the nose of a hound will lead her to places that you will not be able to go.