Sunday, May 18, 2008


Since the return of Yolaine’s cancer after a 5-year hiatus, her approach has been to take control of what she can through visualization, meditation, self massage and physical activity.

She certainly keeps herself active – she walks 40-60 km per week, does weight training, core training, yoga, and she’s a member of the Busting Out dragon boat team!

This picture was taken at a bra decorating contest during a festival dinner hosted by Busting Out.

Yolaine writes:

I started to evaluate my own journey by giving that special time for reflecting on my personal and professional life. I discovered more aspects about myself and feel grateful to the cancer to give the chance to discover myself in a way I never did before. This was the very important part. Accepting this challenge as a gift as curious as it sounds.

I draw my strength from my family and my friends. Keeping fit and stay positive. Life is a journey. Every step is important even the difficult one.

My advice will be getting involved in decision making and put you first. Keep yourself active and have a good laugh. Surround yourself with positive people and appreciate every day. Keep in contact with people and take one day at the time.

This picture shows Yolaine and her husband at a halloween party in October 2007.

You can read Yolaine's story in her own words at Yolaine.