Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chemo weight gain: Snacks

I do love my snacks! I’m trying not to go more than 2 hours without eating something, so I need to have lots of snack food on hand to keep me going in between meals. Fruit and raw vegetables are great, but I still crave sweets and carbs.

Some other snacks that I enjoy are:

· Special K bars. I like the ones with nuts (almonds & peanuts I think). 2 WW points each.

· Pomegranate applesauce. They come 6 tubs to a sleeve & you find them with the puddings. 1 WW each.
· Low fat cottage cheese & fruit. They are in the cooler & come 4 tubs to a sleeve. A bit pricey, but a nice treat. 1 WW point each.
· Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop mini bags popcorn. 100 calories. 1 bag = 1 WW point
· Triscuits 50% less fat, 100% whole grain. Very hard to find. Loeb had them for 2 for $5 recently and I bought 6 boxes. 5 crackers = 1 WW point.
· Grissol Canape Melba Rounds, 12 grains. I sometimes put 7 on plate, dab a bit of salsa and fat free sour cream on each & microwave for about 15 seconds. Not exactly nachos, but I like them. 7 crackers = 1 WW point.
· Dare Simple Pleasures cinnamon snaps. I like to dip them in tea. They come in a single sleeve in a long box, usually at the end of the cookie aisle. (Note: the Dare ginger snaps are good, but they are higher in fat & more calories). 2 cookies = 1 WW point.

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