Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not Just About Cancer

I knew about Laurie Kingston’s book launch on May 7th, but didn’t realize that the content from the book comes from her blog Not Just About Cancer. I wonder if there are others out there in Ottawa with advanced breast cancer that are bloggers...

Earlier this year Laurie went to Dallas to attend a
Conference for Young Women Affected By Breast Cancer. In one of her posts called Living With It, she lists some of the comments that resonated with her from the conference sessions she attended.

Because some of the items on her list also resonated with me, I thought I’d comment on the comments she noted (if that makes sense).
  • It's hard to explain to people that we will never be "done with treatment." I agree, this can be hard for others to understand. They ask me how many treatments I’ll have and when I’ll be finished. The reality is that I’ll probably be on some sort of treatment for the rest of my life and there is no way to predict how long each one will last. After an undetermined period of time the cancer will start to become immune to a particular drug. When that happens, you move on to another drug and start the process again.

  • "Coping is temporary. Adapting is permanent." I think this is what Sue Hendler wrote about in her column, Getting used to the 'new normal' takes some time. You have to learn to adapt to the new normal and continue on with your life as best you can.

  • Talking about our cancer "takes the power out of it. It's like deflating a balloon." For me, as an introvert, talking with the right people is good; writing about it is even better. (See Bloggin' is good for the Noggin).

  • Strike a balance between hope and acceptance - "hopeful acceptance." I really like this term – hopeful acceptance. I’m not in denial, but I’m open to the possibilities that every day brings my way.


Hillary St. Pierre said...

I like this posting. It was recommended on Dennis's site. Check me out at www.baldiesblog.blogspot.com

Hillary St. Pierre said...

I'm going to quote you, if that's okay.

Christine said...

I will definately have a look at your blog, Hillary. As for quoting, please do! It's good that we can all share information. - Chris