Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to my life

I just got a call to say they have a spot for me to have a CT scan of my lungs at 1:20 at the Civic (that's 1 hour 20 mins from now so I better move it!). Tomorrow is my Faslodex injection at the General. I'm waiting for a call to go and get my markings for radiation.

Last week my mom went with me to my appointment with the radiation oncologist. The appointment was long and he was hyper and hard to follow (maybe he was pre-testing the steriods to make sure they were ok for me to take...). I then had to go get an xray and then return back to the cancer clinic to wait for the results.

As we sat in the waiting room, my mom and I were both tired and a bit overwhelmed. I said "Welcome to my life". My mom leaned over and said under her breath "Your life sucks!", which cracked me up.

While having cancer sucks, my life doesn't. But it was a relief to know that my mom can finally see some humor in the day-to-day crap. She's come a long way!

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POD said...

That post gave me a chuckle. Reminded me of a quote about catastrophe and daily life being one in the same and as long as we see them as being separate, we are always horrified. Too bad I cannot even begin to think of what the quote was.

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Lucky me.