Friday, May 21, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good: I had a chest x-ray this morning and nothing showed up in my lungs. We'll have another look in about 6 weeks with a CT scan. Also, Dr C recommends putting off radiating the lesions on my spine until I have symptoms.

The bad: I still don’t know what is causing this horrible cough. I missed a message from the nurse saying that Dr G had prescribed Decadron (a steroid) and another drug (not sure what), but I was too late to call back, so I’ll have to wait until after the long weekend to get the prescription. I’m not in a hurry to go on Decadron anyway because it makes me manic and puffy, but I need some relief from this chronic cough after 5 months.

The ugly: I also had an x-ray of the rib that has been causing me pain and it appears that there is cancer there. So the plan is to do 10 radiation treatments to the rib in the next few weeks.

Mom and I had quite the morning at the zoo (aka the cancer clinic) so one of Anka’s magic pedicures was just what I needed this afternoon.

What I’m grateful for today: pampered feet. Heh, I might glow in the dark, but my feet look good!


Anonymous said...

Sending you soooooooooooo many hugs even with glowing toe-nails!!! are loved....deeply ..... C&J

Dee said...

I remember that last year and maybe the year before that, I had a chronic cough - it was irritating more than painful - but since I start changing to an Anticancer diet (based on the book Anticancer by David Schreiber-??), I have had less of a cough. From a Chinese medicine perspective, phlegmy coughs are caused by dairy products, sugar, and soy milk, too. Since I started paying attention and decreasing those foods, I rarely have congestion that causes a cough. But when I slip up and have ice cream or cheese on a burrito or something, I start coughing again. Maybe that's something to look into?

I'm sorry to hear that you will need to radiate the rib. Are you on zometa? It's supposed to help prevent bone mets.

Whidbey Woman said...

Enjoy your blog. Keep up the positive outlook. It will take you far!

RivkA with a capital A said...

It's great that you can still end by counting your blessings!!