Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nicole Bruinsma

I came across this sign on a trail in Chelsea last week. (It's in French and English but there's a glare on the French side of my picture - apologies to my Francophone friends).
Nicole Bruinsma was one of the original members of the Busting Out dragon boat team. I didn't get to know her well but I remember thinking that she must have been well loved in Chelsea. The town really rallied around her when she was ill and even organized a fund raiser to help pay for some expensive treatment she had in Germany.

Nicole was one of so many Busting Out paddlers that have made a difference in their community.


f. sanford-smith said...

One of the two dragon boats in Chelsea bears her name.

Brenda Rooney said...

Tonight we will premiere a new feature length documentary about Nicole Bruinsma and her work to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides. Tomorrow we will show the film in Ottawa.

To find out more or see the trailer go to and click on the link to Precautionary Principle: the Nicole Bruinsma Story.

We hope to show it across the country to bring the message that individuals do make a difference and we need to work to protect our environment.