Friday, January 22, 2010

The Not-So-Secret

Back when it was all the buzz I bought the book “The Secret”, more out of curiosity than anything. “The Secret” turned out not to be much of a secret, but rather the law of attraction, a concept that has probably been around forever. The premise is that thoughts are very powerful and everything that happens to you, you attract to yourself through your thoughts.

The three steps in The Secret are to Ask, Believe, & Receive and our desires will be manifested. On the flip side, so-called negative thinking can attract negative things, including poverty, disaster and disease.

I have a hard time accepting that I “attracted” cancer to me. That implies blame and I don’t believe my thoughts were to blame for getting cancer any more than I believe that the people of Haiti attracted the recent earthquake. I’m much more comfortable believing that, for the most part, random bad things happen to random people, both good and bad.

However, I do think that negative people attract other negative people and positive people attract other positive people. And the more positive people you have in your life, the better your life will be and the better equipped you will be to cope when random bad things happen.

The only cancer-related thing that I think we have responsibility for is how we deal with it. Finding the positive in a negative situation just makes sense, if for no other reason than it improves our quality of life.

I personally found “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Vicktor Frankl more powerful than The Secret. It illustrates how the strength of the human spirit can triumph over even the unspeakable horror of the Nazi death camps.

(And it doesn’t have pictures of angels or kittens, or Chicken Soup for the Soul stories, which for me is a bonus).


POD said...

After I eat me some chicken soup for the soul, I'm going to see if the secret will help me attract the book
Man's Search for Meaning,.

Since I was born with an illness (lymphedema) you can just imagine what kind of evil turd I must have been to *attract* lymphedema and then later in life, cancer. The night I sat in on the buddhist class and they discussed karma was a real head spinner for me. I had to take lots of deep breaths which actually was a good thing for meditation purposes.

Christine said...

Just don't make the chicken soup with that carcass on your front porch. That would create some nasty karma for sure. :-)

Daria said...

I think there is some truth to ask, believe and receive ... but you're absolutely right ... we didn't ask for the nasty cancer diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

good post, chris.
if you find him interesting, you can find some talks by vf on youtube.


POD said...

I didn't use that carcass.
I put all the food in the garbage. Big waste of money!