Friday, January 15, 2010

Good CT scan results

My mom & I went to my cancer clinic appointment this afternoon, pretty certain that I’d be starting a new chemo drug next week. But my oncologist said that the results were better than he expected and that one of the two tumors that showed up on the previous scan had disappeared. The remaining one stayed the same size but looks denser. (Is ‘denser’ a word, or is it ‘more dense’?). So, the plan is to continue with the Faslodex and have another look in two months.

When I saw Rene, my energy guy, in Mahone Bay in December, he said that my Ph level was excellent and that he didn’t think the spots on my lungs were cancer. He felt it was an amoeba (parasite) that caused the lesions. At first I thought that was a bit crazy. After all, I had more spots on my lungs than they could count a year ago, so it was pretty likely that these new ones were cancer too.

But now I’m thinking… could he be right? It seems strange to me that my monthly injections of Faslodex would stop working enough to allow 2 cancer lesions to appear and then start working again enough to have one of them disappear.

I think it’s worth further investigation, but for now, I’m just happy not to be changing treatments.

What I'm grateful for today: Faslodex, energy therapy, amoebas, and good test results!


Dee said...

Excellent, Chris! I'm very happy for you! We like to hear about disappearing spots! : ) Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Glad to hear the your results were better than expected. Mom says get your slippers out.

patricia said...

such good news, Chris. sending you much healing light from Yasodhara Ashram.

Patti G. said...

I am so happy to hear your good news Chris!

Anonymous said...

What great news, Chris. I am so happy for you. Continuing to send you lots of love, Light, and healing energy.