Sunday, July 4, 2010

Return to the Om tent

Today was a perfect day.

Jilly came by this morning with a lovely sun hat for me and pansies from her garden.

Then Kate and I headed off to Anne and Ron’s cottage mid-day. We had several swims in the lake and the water was like silk; warm enough to make it easy to get in but still cool enough to be refreshing.

We spent some time reading (Marley and Me – a gift from Barb) in the Om tent. There has been an addition this year of a side curtain which acts as a shade from the sun. I wish had brought the camera with me because Katey had a 5 minute standoff with a bull-frog and at one point I looked up just in time to see a beaver swim by us.

Sometimes I wonder at how Katey and I found each other. She is so easy to take care of and I get so much more in return than I give. She’s a wonderful companion to spend the day with; she doesn’t complain and she’s perfectly happy to do anything I want to do. I swear that on the ride home she kept looking up at me from her car bed with a smile on her face, as if to say “Thank you for the great day!”

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