Friday, July 2, 2010

Update on Decadron and voice amplifier

Did I mention that Decadron makes me CRAZY? I'm getting the Cabbage Patch Doll puffy face, eating like a weight lifter, tired but can't sleep - all side effects from this lovely little pill.

Jen heard back from the nurse and the good news is that I can start to wean off it. I'm already taking 1/2 a pill twice a day. I'm supposed to take that down to 1/4 a pill for a few days and then an 1/8th. Not sure how I'm going to cut that little pill in 8, but I'll figure something out. Maybe if I just lick it twice a day, that will do it.

Dr G has referred me to a speech therapist to see about getting a voice amplifier. I don't think I really need an appointment; I'd just like to know where I can buy one here in Ottawa so I don't need to order it off the internet. Thanks to everyone who passed on leads. I'm getting closer and should have something soon that will make having a conversation a bit easier and not so tiring. Dee pointed me to the Cheeky Librian's blog and she is using something called the Chattervox.

Jennifer also asked the nurse if I could email my questions, but it sounds like that's not an option. It's hard to call when I have questions, so I'm relying on Jen and other friends to help me out when I need 'a voice'.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Chris, you make me laugh! I fell off my chair in stitches, visualizing you licking your pill twice a day! Maybe you're on to something - you know, like a cow's salt lick - you could invent chemo licks.

Christine said...

That's a great idea! Maybe I could even put it into a nicer format, like lollypops or popsicles. I can't believe someone else hasn't thought of this yet!!

bellstitt said...

Ah yes I remember my Decadron days ... my passport picture looks like a very grumpy bald male conehead chipmunk. I sure wouldn't let me in to any country I'd want to visit!
Good luck tapering off ... it's the only way - cold turkey is just too excruciating.
take care! Sending hugs.

Christine said...

Funny description! I used to think I looked like a buddha when I had no hair and encouraged people to rub my belly for good luck. Then again, some days when I was putting on the wig and drawing in my eyebrows, I felt a bit like a drag queen. I'm appreciating my hair these days because it will be gone soon enough if I go back on Taxotere.