Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello from Nova Scotia

Having such a good time in Nova Scotia that there’s no time to write! Here's what we've been up to:

Walked along the Halifax harbor front, coffee at Cabin Coffee (next to a table of senior hippies, one of them with grey dreadlocks – that’s so ‘Halifax’), visited my old swimming hole at Kidston Lake, sat on the rocks at Herring Cove, climbed the Dingle Tower (slowly, but I made it to the top!), coffee with Frances and her sister, drove through the lovely town of Mahone Bay, had lunch overlooking the water in Lunenburg, swam in the ocean at Hirtles’s beach and hiked to the ‘secret beach’, and had a visit with my awesome niece Erin last night.

The highlight was our trip to Peggy’s Cove on a beautiful clear day. Yup, the rocks were still there, the waves were still there, the magic was still there.

Today we are going Tidal Bore rafting. Will write more later … if we survive. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mommy ... So great that you're having so much fun too! Auntie Jen told me about your bathing suit story at the'secret beach' too funny!!!
We had a great time at Riley's last night for the BBQ. Good company with 2 of my favourite boyfriends, Rudy and Riley! We went for a really neat walk through a nature area and saw all kinds of bunnies ... I nearly tore Auntie Jen's arm off trying to catch up to one of the bunnies.
This is not bad, we're both on vacation and both having a great time!
Come home soon ... miss you ... Love Katey ... Your Wonder Dog

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!!

Not sure how long your out here in good ol Halifax....but if you have a chance I would love to see you. No pressure though I am well aware what it's like to travel somewhere and fit it all in :)

Email me at

Big Hugs,
Much Love,