Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laurie Kingston on TV

Laurie Kingston is a blogger, author and mother. She is also living with cancer.

Laurie was recently interviewed for a TV spot on CBC News Network about using blogging as a way to process what it’s like to deal with life with cancer. You can view the video at

In the video, Laurie talks about her young children and how she wants to protect them. I was 40 when I was diagnosed, and my son Adam was 20 by then. While I’m glad that he didn’t have to deal with this as a child, I can still identify with how Laurie feels about being a mother with cancer. It breaks my heart when I hear the pain in Adam's voice on the phone when I have to tell him that I’ve had another bad CT scan or some other news that isn’t very encouraging. He is a grown man of 33, but he will always be my child and I wish that I could shelter him from the reality of having a mother with stage IV cancer.

Laurie also talks about making friends with other people with cancer. The support is great and no one can relate like someone who has been there. But if you are part of a cancer community, through blogging or otherwise, you are bound to lose some friends along the way. And it hurts like hell. But if I could rewind the tape of my life since my diagnosis, I wouldn’t do it differently. I’m grateful for the amazing people that have come into my life, even though I've had to suffer the pain of losing far too many of them.

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laurie said...

Christine - thanks so much for this post. I know that you understand all too keenly the issues we face as mothers with cancer - who blog about it.