Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visit with my sister

I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve alternated between being very busy and resting/recovering.

I’m beginning to realize why they give you a week off Xeloda after two weeks on. I think the side effects start to kick in after two weeks, because I seem to experience more on the weeks off. I've had my share of nausea and 'the-fast-poopies' this week (too much information!); also some abdominal pain.

The good news is that my feet and hands are still doing OK. Anka gave me a pedicure last week (complete with flower decals) and I’ve been putting castor oil on my feet at night (and then socks because it stains), thanks to a suggestion Krystyna sent me from

My sister Nadine was here for a few days last week. She lives in Alberta so it’s been good for us to be together to talk about how my illness is emotionally affecting both of us and to just hang out. It might be just one person that actually has the cancer, but it affects the whole family. I really felt like I needed my sister, so I'm so glad to have this time with her.

I thought I should explain why she has a huge bowl of food in front of her in the picture... Nadine is a fabulous cook and she made a wonderful chicken salad so I made her pose with it. It was yummy and I had enough for another meal after she left!

What I’m grateful for today: That Nadine’s coming back on Wednesday for part 2 of our visit!

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Anonymous said...

So truly HAPPY to hear of your 'sister time' !!!! A blessing for you both! WOW! Enough salad there for a FEW meals and I was salivating just looking at the pic! Our best to BOTH of you and may your next week's visit be of equal 'sharing' ..... is there anything closer in emotion, growth and sharing than sisters?! I think NOT/NOT! You are fortunate to have each other! Luv to you both! C&J