Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Return to Peggy's Cove

My fellow wharf hag, Dianne, and I spent several wonderful hours at Peggy’s Cove, walking on the rocks and watching the waves crash against them. It was great to be there with someone who ‘gets it’; who can appreciate the magic and the power of my ‘special place’.
I'm not sure what it did for my body, but the visit was definately good for my soul.


bellstitt said...

Looks as if this trip is all you'd hoped for. Wishing you a continued wonderful time. Hugs R&D

Anonymous said...

You DO look full of the Nova Scotia spirit and that does our hearts good! Missing my 'second' home a lot this year and envy you the positive flow of air and sea that only N.S. can bring to one's soul! Gads! You even managed to find good weather in Peggy's Cove - go figure! LOL Take good care my friend and speak to you when you get home.............Luv, C&J

dianne said...

to my fellow Wharf Hag

Revisiting Peggy's Cove with my dear friend Chris who too feels the strength and power of the sea and rock, was a rejuvenating experience. As we stood on the rock looking out to sea, no words had to spoken, we knew how the other was feeling. How fortunate we were to be there. Nature at her best for us to enjoy. Millions of years in the making, how could one not be impressed and in awe of such perfection. Each crashing wave greets the rock shoreline with authority "I am here" let us be friends. There is calmness in those crashing waves but one needs to sit in silence and hear what is being said. My fellow hag and I stood on the rock in silence and took it all in. We allowed Her to fill our souls and our spirits and we left there wrapped in the warmth of knowing She is with us always. The strength of the rock and the power of the waves. Sit in silence, go inside yourself and there She is, our own secret place.

fellow wharf hag dianne