Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CT Scan Results

I had my oncology appointment today and wasn’t surprised that the news from my last CT scan (June) was good. I figured that, if not, they would have called me by now. It’s likely that I will need radiation on the nodes in my chest wall at some point, but they are currently stable. For now at least, the treatment (Faslodex) seems to be keeping the cancer under control.

I once heard a speaker say that cancer is directly linked to stress and usually appears about 2 years after a traumatic event in your life. It made me retrace my steps and think about what was happening at that time. Two years before my original diagnosis, I went through a painful breakup with someone that I thought I would spend my life with. Two years before it returned, I was in an impossibly stressful situation in my work life.

Coincidence? I’m not sure. But what I do know is that the current stress-free life I'm living has been great for my health. Here is a picture that Anne (secretly) took of Katey & me in the “Om tent” beside the gentle rapids at her cottage a few days ago.
Peace above me
Peace below me
Peace at my left
Peace at my right
Peace onto me
Peace in my surroundings
Peace in the universe


Sue said...

So happy for you, Chris!

Anonymous said...

wonderful news about the scan and love to see you with doggy relaxing by the water. looks so healing.

POD said...

Beautiful picture.
If cancer were caused by stress, no one would have a chance.