Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Status quo

I had blood work done through my port at 8:30 this morning and then had to go back again at 11:00 to see the oncologist. The good news is that there’s no change. The bad news is that there’s no change.

I would have liked to hear that the remaining spot (tumor? parasite lesion?) is gone, but I am happy that things are stable and nothing new has popped up. That means I go ahead with my Faslodex injection tomorrow morning as planned.

I was going to go to An Evening in Research at the cancer clinic tomorrow night but decided that the whole cancer thing can be such a bore. So I'm going to the Photography on Skis course put on by the Ammas for Grammas instead. We’re going to get instruction and then head out on our cross-country skis at dusk to take pictures.

What I’m grateful for today: That the annoying cough I’ve had for 2 months is just an annoying cough.

The prodigal son returns in: 67 days


POD said...

I'd skip the cancer thing too. Cancer gets old.

Sparky said...

Love reading your blog as always!
I'm going to the Cancer thing tonight and will let you all know how boring or interesting it really was....always wanted to meet Dr. Bell and perhaps some of this new innovative research could help one of us beat it or manage a more normal,longer and better quality life.

Would have for the photography thing for sure, hopefully there will be a next one.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that I missed the photography session. Looks like you had lots of fun but you also learned who to use the little camera. I need a lesson so I hope that they run the course again.