Monday, March 1, 2010

A dime a dozen

I was at Camp Fortune with Lynn this morning and we ran into another cancer 'thriver', Tracy, a friend from Lynn's support group. It seems that everywhere I go I make connections with other women who have had breast cancer.

A friend once joked that we're a dime a dozen. It made us laugh but it's sad just the same. Because unfortunately it's true.

What I’m grateful for today: That I know so many breast cancer thrivers who are doing well and living full, messy, adventurous, ordinary, interesting, bold and active lives.

The prodigal son returns in: 69 days


POD said...

I like the term 'thriver' far better than survivor. When people ask me if I am a survivor, I always say "I'm not sure yet."
But I am sure as hell thriving every day.

Christine said...

I like that term better too. Feel free to use it, I stole it from someone else. :-)

jennifer said...

Have to admit that my experience with pablum is as food, and that I loved it! Even well into later years, as a comfort food!
So, fitting that pablum and thriver are in the same entry!