Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Peggy - Thriver profile

Time since diagnosis…25 years this July…Yea!!
Type of Cancer: I can’t remember that long ago – or maybe I never even knew.
Treatment – Lumpectomy and 30 sessions of radiation.

Before I had cancer, my opinion of myself was that I was rather a mouse. I had a significant “No, I can’t” attitude’. After diagnosis and treatment, my attitude became “Yes, I can” and I started trying to live my life accordingly. I’m still a work in progress.

What motivation do I have for others?

I can only say what motivates me, and if it works for you too, great! Here are three ideals that I try to follow.

1. My Mom always said that it was my responsibility to use and develop whatever skills, abilities, gifts and talents I was given, making a contribution whenever possible. I try to direct my focus toward that goal, and find that it gives me positive energy and attitude. Also, it keeps me really busy!

2. Walk through doors that open and present opportunities. I find that great surprises happen when my heart and mind are open to new experiences. I also love to learn new things – art, technology, ski instructing … whatever crosses my horizon. With learning, often new challenges arise, and, when I face and succeed at something that I didn’t think I could do, I feel empowered and alive.

3. I seek to be alone and quiet for a few minutes every day. I want to let my soul listen to the music and the messages that are there.

When I stay focused on these ideals, there isn’t much time in my heart or mind to go to the ‘ Crazy Cancer Fear Place ’, also known as ‘The Dark Side’. Instead, I find myself surrounded with positive people, positive attitudes and a peaceful soul.

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