Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coughing and Crashing

I finally saw my family doctor about the annoying cough I’ve had for months. I was worried that it was because of the cancer in my lungs but what shows up on my CT scans isn’t enough to cause the cough.

It turns out that I have a post-viral inflammation left over from the cold I had at Christmas and my doctor prescribed a puffer to try and get rid of it. I’ve been having these coughing/hacking fits and feel a bit like a leper, but he has reassured me that it is NOT contagious.

As I left the doctor’s office, it was sunny and I was feeling good about what he told me. And then this happened…

As I was driving out of the lot, a car backed out of a parking spot into my front right fender. The other woman’s car had more damage and she was pretty shaken up, but no one was hurt. We called the police and they said that, because both cars were drivable, we should go to the Greely police station to file a report.

I called my insurance and went for an estimate. It looks like there is about $2,400 damage to my car. I take it in on Wednesday and will be driving a rental for about 5 days.

State Farm insurance was really helpful and said I won’t have to pay the deductable because it wasn’t my fault. Several members of my family are also with State Farm and we’ve had nothing but good experiences when we’ve had to make a claim.

(Sorry if this sounds like a plug, but I think when you are happy with a service you should spread the word. I also spread the word when I'm not happy with a service or product e.g. Shark vacuum).

What I'm grateful for today: Quiet mornings when I can just ‘putter’.

The prodigal son returns in: 49 days

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POD said...

Sounds like things are okay (for now) with the car and the cancer in your lungs. I have a cough too for months and have wondered if the cancer is in my lungs though I keep thinking that uterine cancer would spread faster locally rather than up into my lungs. And today, this weekend in fact, I'm sickly with a cold and thankfully no one has run into me with anything.
Take care I'm glad the son is coming home. If he's in Holland, that is the most wonderful country to visit. I have been there twice and loved every moment.