Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Week

In 1998, when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I headed off to Nova Scotia to be near the ocean. In 2007, just after having surgery to remove a tumor from my lung, I went to Africa for a month. Last fall, I delayed starting chemotherapy for a few weeks so I could once again go ‘home’ to Halifax and the ocean.

So when I saw the movie One Week a few days ago, I identified with the character’s reaction to being diagnosed with cancer: he bought a motorcycle and decided to drive from Toronto to the ocean in BC. (I really think he should have headed east, but that’s just my opinion). I think the character must be an introvert because, rather than jump into treatments like his family wants, he takes the time to process things and confront his own mortality.

I’ve heard this movie described as a “love letter to Canada”. This is not your typical Hollywood film, but rather a quirky Canadian road-trip movie, complete with Tim Horton’s and the CN Tower. The movie asks the question “What would you do if you had 1 week, 1 month, 1 year to live?”

Some people may be a bit uncomfortable with the honesty of his thoughts about the diagnosis (e.g. he pictures himself in his coffin). But I found the movie real, uplifting, and at times, funny.

Only in Canada, eh?

Thanks to Sue for recommending the movie and to Vanessa for being my 'date'.

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Anonymous said...

I love three things about the movie already.... motorcycles, canada roadtrip and the guy from dawson's creek. Unfortunitly I will have to wait until it's on dvd.