Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nursing a cold

I have a cold so I’m spending a few days curled up on my sofa with my favorite blankie (from Victoria Quilts). I had lots of practice doing nothing when I was on Taxotere, but this is a whole lot easier.

I haven’t posted much in the past week or so because my Mom was here visiting. She came out and walked with our Saturday morning group and, of course, out for brunch afterwards.
Mom took the picture below of me, Meridy and Mary when Meridy had us over for lunch. (That's a lot of Ms!). We look damn good for 3 people with cancer, don’t you think? Meridy went to Montreal yesterday to consult a doctor about whether she's a condidate or not for a procedure with radio-active beads inserted into the liver to cut off the blood supply to the tumours. Mary (the trooper that she is!) is heading off to Europe inbetween Taxotere treatments.

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