Monday, November 24, 2008


We all know that drinking water is important for our health. There is always a lot of debate about water quality and the containers we use to store and drink water from.

I said I would share with you some of what I read in Susan Manion MacDonald’s book, Balance. Here are a few things she has to say about water:

  • Drinking water during a meal actually reduces the amount of digestive enzymes available for digestion and places an increased stress on the body to digest food. It's best to drink water a half-hour before or after meals. Adding a slice of lemon to a glass of water will aid digestion.
  • Natural spring water is best and glass bottles preferred. If you have to drink bottled water, choose a European brand (e.g. Evian) because North America’s standards for the level of arsenic in bottled water is low.
  • Do not soak in bathwater that contains chlorine because absorption is high through your skin. (I guess that's bad news for you swimmers...).
  • Charcoal filters on your taps & shower heads can remove toxins like chlorine from your water. However, they do not remove all toxins (e.g. fluoride & aluminum). Reverse osmosis filters remove most contaminants, but also remove minerals & nutrients and are not environmentally friendly.
  • She recommends a Nikken brand of magnetic energy filter, the PiMay.
(I also saw a shower head called the Wellness Shower on the Crazy Sexy Cancer site that is recommended by the Hippocrates Health Institute. )

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