Saturday, November 15, 2008

Look Good Feel Better

Mary and I went to get 'glammed up' yesterday at a Look Good Feel Better session. The purpose of the program is to help women going through chemo learn what cosmetics and head covers (wigs, scarves, hats) to use to look their best while they go through treatment.

Here's Mary's 'after' picture. She's looking fabulous, especially for someone who just had chemo that morning!

I'm not sure how much I learned that was new, but I can draw on a pretty decent eyebrow. We had a few laughs and came out feeling somewhat pampered, with our free box of goodies.

Looking Good doesn't necessarily translate to Feeling Better today. It's been 3 days since chemo and I'm feeling a bit rough around the edges; mostly nausea.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if this was the programme on T.V. over the weekend? I caught a glimse of a fashion show, glamour up, etc. for Breast Cancer Thrivers and found myself looking out for your 'pretty' face! I think Jackie Holtzman was spear-heading it? I'm probably not on the right track BUT heck...........SOOOOOOO attentive! Luv ya Kiddo!

Vilma said...

Hi Christine:

You look fabulous! I also had a great time learning new tips, tricks and laughed with everyone in the room. I felt so good and we all felt like a million dollars afterwards. How that feeling can change so quickly! Chemo is a bad bear!:(