Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Read any good books lately?

Although I love to read, I've never been interested in joining a book club. Reading someone else's pick that I might not be interested in sounds too much like work! However, I do like to talk about the books that I enjoy and I like to get recommendations on what to read from others.

On a cottage weekend this summer, a group of us had an interesting discussion about our 5 favorite books of all time. Most of us had more that 5, and Barb was kind enough to write them down for us. You can find the lists at http://booksontheedge.blogspot.com/ (or click on 'Books on the Edge' on the right under 'Light Links').

Please feel free to make comments about the books that are posted and to send me your own recommendations and reviews at christine.lynds@rogers.com.

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patricia said...

Dr. Jeremy Geffen's book, The Journey Through Cancer, is excellent...(not a novel though). See his website: http://www.geffenvisions.com/books_media/index.htm