Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Years ago I taught the Christopher Leadership Course. I met many wonderful people through the course and Meridy was one of them.

I unfortunately lost touch with Meridy over the years. She recently saw my name in an article that Alice wrote and contacted me. I was surprised to learn that she had recently gone through treatment for breast cancer herself.

Since contacting me, Meridy has been coming out to our weekly W.R.A.P. (walking, running and poling) group. Last Saturday she told us that they found two spots on her liver and she was having a procedure today to remove them (an ablation, which I had never heard of before).

Meridy has a really positive attitude and I'm putting out my own positive thoughts that the procedure will be a success. Here's a message she sent out to friends yesterday.

Hello everyone, Just to let you know that I am going in to the Civic Hospital tomorrow morning for the Radio-frequency Ablation to "zap" the cancer cells in the liver. I was there yesterday for pre-admission tests and I met the Radiologist who is going to do the procedure, so I feel very comfortable that it will go well. I will be awake but sedated. I will remain in a Surgical Day Care Unit overnight for observation, returning home early on Thursday morning. I will not return to work until Tuesday, although I will log on from home on Friday if I feel up to it. I'll let you know then how it went.

I have attached a recent photo of me - does that look like someone with cancer???? I think not! I feel very well and so I am anxious to get this over and done with and well behind me.

love to all,

Meridy - I'm thinking about you today. I hope they blast the crap out of those cancer cells. We want to see you back at our Saturday morning group soon!

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