Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Balance ... nature's way to heal your body

I went to a presentation this evening by Susan Manion MacDonald, author of Balance… Nature’s way to heal your body.

Susan was diagnosed with terminal cancer (4th stage lymphatic cancer) in 2002 and soon entered into a journey of research and discovery to learn everything she could about alternative ways to heal herself. She believes that “the tumor is not the disease; it is a ‘symptom’ – a result of the disease process – a breakdown of the natural biological order”. Susan became a certified naturotherapist in 2006 and is cancer free today.
I bought the book and will try to share some of what I learn with you as a read through it. To start off, here are a few of the changes that Susan made early on:

· Removed all refined, chemically altered or synthetic sugars from her diet (to improve her immune function)
· Eliminated red meats (which the liver can have difficulty processing)
· Eliminated all hydrogenated oils (which create free radicals)
· Eliminated bleached flours (questionable nutritional value and unwanted chemical additives)
· Eliminated processed dairy products (can facilitate cellular grown, including cancer cells)
· Stopped using nail polish and hair dye
· Changed shampoos, soap, toothpast, laundry detergent & many other household and personal care products
· Introduced rebounding (to move the lymphatic fluid)
· Experimented with Espsom salt soaks, dry saunas & dry brushing
· Drank 4 cups green tea daily
· Drank 4 ounces of Noni juice daily
· Took 4 Tbsp of flax oil (an essential fatty acid) mixed with ¼ c of organic quark

Some books she studied:

How to fight Cancer and Win, by William Fischer
Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide to Cancer, by Burton Goldberg

Click here for Susan MacDonald's website.

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