Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Welcome to my 2nd annual birthday-in-Halifax celebration. Adam & I spent the day wondering around the waterfront and then met up with my niece Erin for dinner at the Wooden Monkey. Lots of calls and great gifts, but the best was spending my birthday with Adam.
It’s Sunday morning and we’re sitting in a Starbucks on Spring Garden Road, both on laptops (mother & son nerds), and life seems normal. How can it be that I have cancer in both of my lungs? Am I really about to start chemo again in a little over a week? I keep watching for signs: Am I more out of breath than usual after walking up a hill? Is my sore throat the start of a cold, or could it be something more? I’m working at staying in the moment so there isn’t a dark cloud over my time in Halifax with Adam. The literal clouds are making that a bit difficult. Where is the sun???


Chuckie said...

A definite HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU! Hi kiddo! I've been reading your blogs of past and present and each and every time - as is 'usual' - you give such a purpose to my life! You make me and all of us who have been touched by you want to stand up and shout how thankful we are for you being YOU and being a part of our lives. You have taught me so much Chrissy - much too much to put down on paper, let alone to be certain of my accuracy in my selection of words. I can only reiterate - THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! ... and thank the Big Guy for allowing me to be a part of your life's journey in so many ways (As the song goes - You raise me up!) .....Loving you as always kiddo.........from the heart and from the soul of this lapsed Catholic!....Me 2 U

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!!! Enjoy your holiday with Adam. You are such an inspiration and if either of my girls grow up to have your strength and courage we will be very lucky parents. You truly inspire. Our love is with you every day, and enjoy today birthday girl. Kayla and Chelsea send great big hugs and kisses your way.

Adam & Tara said...


So glad Adam could be with you on your b-day and that you're having such a great time.

Can't wait to see you soon back in Canada and in Holland next Spring!!!

Lots of love,