Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alternative Treatments

I have to say, I’m not ‘feeling the love’ from the medical system this time around.

I haven’t seen my own oncologist for about a year & a half (just after my lung surgery and even then I had to specifically ask to see him). I feel like I’ve been abandoned and pushed from one doctor-of-the-day to another and have had little information going into this.

I requested a copy of my lab reports and the good news is that my bone scan shows no evidence of metastatic disease in the bone. But the OPINION section says: “Interval appearance of multiple tiny bilateral lung parenchymal nodules. Findings are worrisome for metastatic deposits.” Does that mean there is a small chance that it isn’t metastatic? Highly unlikely, but I’d hate to think I’m going through this chemo for nothing…

So I’ve been researching other alternative treatments to deal with the chemo effects and to fight the cancer. I saw an energy therapist in Nova Scotia that used plant and insect extract to neutralize the cancer cells in my body. After an intense 2-hour session with him, I can’t decide if he’s brilliant or a quack. Either way, he didn’t do anything invasive and I think it was $145 well invested, on the chance that what he did could make a difference.

I’ve also started seeing a Naturopathic Doctor who is giving me the support that I feel is lacking from the cancer clinic. Some of her recommendations include a change of diet to eat 80% foods that are alkaline and 20% that are acidic. That means lots of veggies & fruit; no refined sugars, white flour & processed food; decreased milk & wheat products; and lots of green tea. (Bye-bye to the sweets I’ve been struggling to give up anyway.) I’m also taking a series of supplements that will help to protect my liver and other organics during chemo, and hopefully work against the cancer.

I spent over an hour this morning putting together a schedule for taking all of my medications, vitamins and other supplements. This is turning out to be a full-time job!

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