Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I’ve often heard of the combination of chemotherapy drugs given to a patient as a ‘cocktail’. I guess they ordered mine neat (no ice) because I’m just getting Taxotere. I’d prefer a Cosmopolitan or a Margarita, but they don’t seem to be on the menu.

My next ‘cocktail’ is tomorrow, so today is my last day of feeling human for a while. A week from now, when I’m living with dust bunnies and ring-around-the-toilet-bowl, I may regret my decision to spend the past week enjoying the fall weather with friends instead of cleaning my house. But I highly doubt it.

Next week, when I’m lying on my sofa watching bad daytime TV, I’ll try to ignore the lint on the carpet and the kitchen wallpaper that’s only half removed, and know that I made the right choice.

Last Friday, I went for what was probably the last swim of the season in Meech Lake. My fellow bathing beauties are Peg, Judy and Frances. (I've posted a picture of me almost bald AND in a bathing suit! How crazy is that?)
I spent this weekend in Picton with Peg, Dianne and Barb. We went to a wine and food festival and stayed at a beautiful B&B with an outdoor hot tub (sorry, no pictures available).
Here I am wearing my new blonde-bombshell wig with my Bosom Buddies Beverly, Marylou and Jill (aka Jilly-bean).

Now, aren't you glad I didn't post pictures of me vacuuming???

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