Monday, September 8, 2008

Farewell to Nova Scotia

Our last few days in Halifax were bittersweet. The sun finally decided to shine and we tried to cram as much as possible into the beautiful end-of-summer weather, very conscious of the fact that our time there was quickly coming to an end. We sat at a lookout in Herring Cove and watched the waves roll in and turn into foam as they crashed on the rocks below us.
We climbed the Dingle Tower for a spectacular view of my hometown. We ate a picnic breakfast in the Public Gardens, which hasn’t changed much since I was a child.
Erin took us to Long Lake for a swim and then we went walked in the sand and surf at Crystal Crescent Beach.
Being by the ocean was just what I needed to prepare me for the road ahead. I could feel the salt air recharging my batteries and the powerful surf sharing its strength with me. Our last days flew by much too quickly and then it was time for Adam to get on a plane to the Netherlands and for me to return home to prepare for my treatment on Tuesday.
When I arrived at the airport in Ottawa, my mom was waiting for me. I quickly switched roles from being the parent wanting to protect her child to being the child taken care of by her parent. I remember thinking when I first found out the cancer was back that ‘I want my mom’. I’m incredibly lucky to have a mom who is a natural caregiver and so willing to do whatever she can to help me through this.

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