Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My Mom & I drove to Anka’s & Fred’s cottage-trailer yesterday. Anka suggested we go for a short paddle in the kayaks and I jumped at the chance.

We didn’t go fast and we didn’t go far, but the feeling of using my own power to glide through the water made me feel alive and strong. (OK, the strong part is relative, but certainly a whole lot better than the day before). The feeling of warm sun on my face, the reflection of the white clouds and blue sky on the water, the sound of the dip of the paddles, all made me feel alive and renewed. I leaned back in the kayak and imagined the sun healing my body and the fresh air breathing new life into my damaged cells.

Never mind that I have to rest lots and that the inside of my mouth feels like raw hamburger. Every day I feel just a little bit better and a little bit more like me again.

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