Saturday, July 4, 2009

My after Europe slump

A few people have commented that I haven’t been posting much since I got back from Holland. I think I have a case of the after-a-great-visit blues.

It has rained every day since I got back. I’ve been watching too much TV (if you want to know anything about Michael Jackson's life, I'm your gal). I’m having battery issues (my watch, camera & cordless phone all died at the same time and I’m having a hard time finding replacements). I’m usually the budget-queen and can stretch a dime into a dollar, but I keep putting off reworking my finances since going on long-term disability. I have a basement full of boxes that should go to the Sally Ann, yet there they sit.

I had severe cabin fever yesterday so paid an impromptu visit to Jacquelin and her two munchkins, Alex & Marcus. They are adorable and full of beans (would show you pictures but see camera battery note above…). Marcus climbed all over me, showed me just about every toy he owns and even cuddled with me on the sofa. Alex gave me so many hugs when I left that I thought I’d have to take him with me. (Did I mention that they are adorable?)

This morning is grey and dismal looking again. Where is our summer? I miss the beach in Den Haag... but most of all I miss Adam & Tara!!

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