Sunday, July 26, 2009

Katey the Wonderdog

I am in the process of adopting Katey the Wonderdog. Adam says that they should do a story about her for one of the animal rescue shows on TV.

Katey was found wondering the streets of Ohio and taken to an animal shelter. No one was interested in her because she is an older dog (8-9 years) and was in rough shape. But, because she is such a sweetie, the shelter people decided to turn her over to Loyal Rescue to see if they could find her a home.

After probably spending the first part of her life in a puppy mill or with a backyard breeder, Katey had recently given birth when she was found. She was brought to Ontario to live with a foster family in Orleans, probably though a chain of volunteers who work like an across-country relay team. When she came to live with her foster family, she was very thin, full of fleas, and afraid of everything and everyone. Her foster family spent 4 months getting her well, both physically and emotionally.

Katey was making great progress until about a month ago when she was attacked by a 110 lb bull-mastiff during a walk in her neighbourhood. Katey's only about 14 lbs and the larger dog put 8 puncture wounds in her back. She was understandably traumatized by the attack, but the foster family continued to work with her and helped her to feel safe once again.

This picture was taken during our first walk together. Katey's ears are back and she looks pretty uncertain, but I'm happy to say that we have bonded since then. She came for an overnight visit last night and hopefully will officially come to live with me in her new home sometime this week. She follows me all over the house and enjoys walking by the river.

Despite everything she's been through, Katey's spirit is still there and she is learning to open her heart and trust again. Both of us old gals have been through a lot and I think we will be good for one another.

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Sue Zuccala said...

Chrissy, I LOVE Katey, she's adorable, just like you.
So all those years I used to brag about Tara, you were rolling your eyes at me... :)
Kidding, enjoy her and remember as much as you think she's "giving" to you, she's thrilled to have your love.
I hope to meet her soon.