Thursday, July 9, 2009


I can't help myself. I've been searching the dog rescue websites again...

When I think of Chihuahuas, I picture the toy dogs that celebrities carry in their purses - not a 'real' dog. But I am quite taken with Katey and am considering adopting her. She is an older dog (8-9 years), has had a rough time and just needs some love, so we may be a good match for one another.
Isn't she adorable? How can I resist those eyes?

There is a lot of red tape involved in adopting a dog through the Loyal Rescue organization (phone interview, home visit, reference checks). I'm hoping to have a home visit in the next few weeks. I know that Jennifer and the other 'aunties' will help me out in a pinch if I need any help.

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Anonymous said...

YEP! She is definitely YOU - just look at those eyes - 'melting moments'! ... No worries - you have a lot of friends (that would be the opposite of frienemies) like us willing to share the 'load' or the 'leak' when necessary...can Katey 'hold' as long as Dusty????......until we can get there?! Dusty is good for anywhere from 8-12 hours - although I don't know if that's all GOOD for him - I just happen to admire his 'ability' to do it without the depends!!!! But I doth digress..... Oh heavens! Now I'll have my four legged 'child' taken away by the RSPCA right? Anyway, my vote is for Katey - what a precious face has she! C&J