Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boob adoptions

Laurie K posted on her blog recently that she had a prosthesis that was looking for a new home. It just so happened that my friend Jill was in need of one. Jill had been wearing a prosthesis that broke apart and leaked, and has taped it back together numerous times. I wish I could show you a picture but I’m still having camera problems.

I jumped on the chance to help Jill replace her mangled and often repaired ‘breast’. (I hesitate to use the term because it looked more like a boneless chicken breast that had been attacked by a pit-bull. No offence to pit-bull owners.)

I picked the little ‘puppy’ up at Laurie’s and delivered it to Jill last night. (Please forgive my tendency to be inappropriate at times, but I've been a bit dog-obsessed lately). A few friends that were there were in agreement that it's time that Jill kicked the old one to the curb. We could have a ceremony and bury it in her yard, but she has dogs and they’d probably just dig it up…

In the spirit of paying it forward, Jill gave me her old prosthesis to see if I can find a home for it (not the mangled one; an older one that doesn't fit but is like new). She thinks it’s about a 34/36 B. If you know of someone who might be interested, please pass this on.

Laurie's blog: Not Just About Cancer

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Dee said...

I love the name "boob adoptions" rather than "prosthesis repository". Perfect!