Monday, July 20, 2009

Cottage dreams

I’m just back from a week of eating, drinking, swimming, napping, socializing and relaxing at a beautiful cottage in Minden Ontario. (Notice I put eating and drinking first?).
The week was arranged through a cancer recovery initiative called Cottage Dreams, which offers recent cancer survivors the opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate recovery in a positive and relaxing setting.

After showing us around on our first day and making us feel very comfortable, our very generous hosts, Jim & Victoria, left us to enjoy their beautiful cottage for the week. The 5-bedroom cottage overlooks a picturesque lake and was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the company of my mom and some ‘extended family members’.

Mom & Mary & I were there for the full time, with visitors coming in two groups. Jennifer, Frances & Joanne left because of other commitments after the first few days. Unfortunately they missed the best weather days but I think they had fun anyway. Dianne, Anne & Sylvia came later in the week and enjoyed the warm and sunny weather.
So, in total, 8 cancer survivors were able to benefit from the donation the owners made. We were all amazed at their generosity and trust in handing over their lovely cottage to a group of strangers. I guess we didn’t look like the types to go all ‘rock star’ and trash the place. :-)

This was definitely a positive experience for me and I would recommend it to both cancer survivors and cottage owners. I was glad to see the recent addition of fall cottage visits on the Dream Cottages site. Unfortunately the deadline for applying was July 13th and has now passed.

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