Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good news for Jilly-Bean!

The last few days have been pretty stressful for my friend Jill. After having a mammogram last week, they called her to go back in for another look. She was understandably anxious (OK, she was a basket case), so I met her at the Women’s Breast Health Centre for her appointment. Marylou unexpectedly showed up in the waiting room as well.
There was lots of reason for celebration when it was all over and the technician said that everything looked OK.

As you can see from her picture, Jill was pretty excited about the news. She had to rush back to her home daycare, so Marylou and I went out to lunch to celebrate for her! :-)

As for me, I had an appointment this afternoon in the chemo room to have my portacathe flushed. It has to be done once a month so it doesn't clog up. I really should have my own parking spot at the cancer centre. Who do I talk to about that?

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