Saturday, October 11, 2008

Update on Mary

I've written about Mary in the past and she was also a "guest blogger" who (ironically) wrote about her hair issues.

A week after I started treatments, Mary started back in chemo as well, so we're sporting the same hairdo these days. I hate that Mary is back in treatment, but it does mean that I'm in great company.

The picture above of Mary's newly bald head was taken the day of the Run for the Cure. The pink spots surrounding her pink ribbon are lipstick kisses made by friends.

Mary continues to be a great source of support and inspiration to me. She is staying active and one of the ways she keeps her creative juices flowing is by taking a writing course. Because I enjoy Mary's humourous writing style, she sometimes sends me what she writes for her class. I thought Talking Turkey was timely and worth sharing (with her permission). Enjoy!

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