Monday, October 20, 2008

Is Pink too Passive???

October is Breast Cancer month. There aren't too many stores that you go into this month that aren't selling pink merchandise: pink fleece jackets, pink mugs, pink cooking utensils. Hell, one store is even selling pink toilet paper!

Thousands of people ran or walked the Run for the Cure and there is no end to the number of fund raisers that happen throughout the year.

Why then have they not found a cure yet? Maybe it's time to stop being so nicey-nicey and "pink" and raise a little hell. Maybe instead of passively walking in fundraisers, we need to lobby to have more of the money raised devoted to prevention and not just treatment options.

Don't get me wrong - I have walked the Run for the Cure for years and have bought my share of pink products. But maybe it's time to switch from pink ribbons and pearls to red, and kick some serious butt. After all "red is pink with attitude".

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