Sunday, November 4, 2007

What I Believe

That focusing on the positive improves the quality of your life.

That those of use born to privilege often don’t appreciate our luck. Those of us lucky enough to have been born in North America have truly won the birth lotto.

That “privilege” doesn’t just include the Donald Trumps & Paris Hilton’s of the world. Those of us that have a life with options and opportunities are privileged.

That we too often take for granted what we have. We think that our life is the norm, when in reality the majority of the people on this planet are just struggling to survive.

That joy doesn’t come from accumulation of possessions or wealth, but from the moments we experience.

That to truly be able to live in the light, we have to be willing to face our ‘dark side’. Living positively is not about avoidance.

That it’s important to live in the moment; to not let the moments fly by without us taking notice.

That if the cancer had to come back, it’s remarkable for it to come back in the unobtrusive way it did. I don’t know anyone else with metastasized disease that didn’t need chemo. I have a chance to live right now my way, and to make the choice to live my life with gratitude.

That I am truly blessed.

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