Sunday, June 13, 2010

A shit-storm of bad news

On the tail of losing friends Meridy and Mary in a few short weeks, I received the news on Friday that I was dreading about my lost voice. It turns out that it is cancer related after all.

There is cancer in the lower trachea and the bronchus leading to both lungs. My understanding is that the cancer is pinching on the nerves that go to my larynx, which is why I have lost my voice. The plan is to start on Xeloda, an oral chemotherapy drug, on Monday.

What I’m grateful for today: Anka, for listening and letting me cry on her shoulder this weekend.


Dee said...

Well sh*$, Chris. That sucks. I'm so sorry to hear the news that it's in your trachea and bronchus. So frustrating, too, that you've been having some complaints about coughing and such for a few months and they didn't do any tests! (Well, maybe they did some scans, but they didn't see anything?)

Well, hang in there. Remember the strength you have within you - the strength that got you this far. Remember there's a whole lot of us out here rooting for you, sending you prayers, thoughts, energy, etc. Draw upon it, okay? Take care of yourself.

bellstitt said...

Well Chris in the words of the immortal Mary O, "You must be pretty pissed".
Sad to hear all the recent awful news ...
Take care of yourself and if you feel ok enough come and see us on Sunday at the Ottawa festival.

Elizabeth said...

Chris I'm sorry to hear about this setback. If there is anyone who is capable of pulling through this however, smiling on the other end of it...that would be you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are an inspiration my friend!

Daria said...

So sorry to read this ... let's hope Xeloda does the trick.

Thinking of you ...