Thursday, June 24, 2010

Participate in a one-day focus group for women living with metastatic breast cancer

CBCN is currently recruiting volunteers to participate in an important one-day focus group for women living with metastatic breast cancer. The main purpose of the focus group will be to gain valuable insights into the unique needs of metastatic breast cancer patients; build a community of support; and raise further awareness of the issues specific to women with metastatic breast cancer based to better inform decision making and programming.

By participating in this focus group, you will be directly involved in working with CBCN to:

○ Provide input on what information, resources and support services have been beneficial to you; as well determine what information and support gaps still exist

○ Participate in a discussion surrounding the benefits of a closed online support group which could connect metastatic breast cancer patients from across the country

○ Provide direction and input on what types of programs CBCN could develop to help support metastatic breast cancer patients

○ Provide vision on how best to increase understanding on access to new treatment options for metastatic breast cancer patients

Portions of the focus group will be filmed to capture your personal story / insights and this film will be shared with other metastatic patients at similar events. However, you may opt out of this should you choose.

Timing for the focus group is currently being considered for the end of July 2010 or the end of August 2010 in Toronto, Ontario. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for those traveling from outside of Toronto.

If you are interested in participating in the focus group, please contact CBCN chief executive officer Jackie Manthorne by email at . Please indicate in your reply to if you have a preference regarding the timing so we can determine what works best for the all participants.

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Daria said...

Christine are you thinking of participating?

Christine said...

I'm considering it. I'm finding it hard to think ahead right now because I'm not sure what treatment I'll be on. But I suppose I could put my name in and change my mind once I know more.

How about you Daria? Are you thinking of going?

Daria said...

I am thinking about it ... might take my mind of things for a while. I can't find any more information about it on the website ... am I missing something.

I might just email them.

Christine said...

I sent them an email saying I'd be interested in late July. I couldn't find out anything else about it on the website either. They don't have a date yet so it looks like it's in the early stages of planning.