Thursday, June 24, 2010

Canoe trip

I was supposed to be on a canoe trip this week. A group of friends is canoeing along the Rideau, camping at a series of locks along the way. Because I can’t paddle (radiated rib, shortness of breath, etc), my mom and I agreed to visit their campsites and help shuttle an extra car from site to site.

The first day was unfortunately a wet one for the paddlers. We met them at Jones Falls where they set up their tents and cooked dinner in the rain. We stood under a tarp and ate a fabulous Indian dinner, despite the weather.

Mom and I checked into the Kenny Lodge next door and our sun porch became the party room for the evening. Breakfast came with our room and we sat in the window of the lovely dining room overlooking our friends’ campsite on the other end of the locks.

Katey’s ‘aunties’ agreed to take her with them on their canoe adventure for the day. She looked a bit uncertain as they headed off through the locks but she had a great time. (If you look closely at the picture below you can see her little head next to Margot). Her Nanny was worried that she’d fall out of the canoe but she had her life vest on and I knew the aunties would take very good care of her.
We all met up at Chaffey’s locks yesterday afternoon and the sun was shining. After participating in a scavenger hunt and trying to have a nap, I decided that I was too tired to stay longer and we headed for home. (OK, truth is, my mom was worried about me, but that’s what mom’s do).

BTW - Everyone on the canoe trip has had breast cancer. Sometimes I forget that, because we are just wonderful friends who happened to meet up on the Busting Out dragon boat team.

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Dee said...

Looks like a great time! I hope you enjoyed yourself!