Saturday, December 19, 2009

What not to feed your dog

These Purdy chocolates from Jennifer are wonderful!
Unfortunately, Katey the wonder dog thought so too.

I left them on the coffee table and they proved too tempting for her to resist. She ate 3, which doesn't seem to be a lot, but that much chocolate can cause serious health issues in a small dog, including seizures and even death.

This was a VERY expensive treat. Katey spent a few hours in the vet emerg getting a drug to make her vomit the chocolate up. Her mom spent a few hours in the vet emerg and $258.00.

Lesson learned...

What I'm grateful for today: That Katey is now fine, unlike a few of the other pets we saw at the animal hospital last night.

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Anonymous said...

for future reference...
I had a similar experience when I returned from running errands to discover an empty chocolate chip bag on the floor and a guilty-looking dog.
Called a friend who is a vet tech. She advised me to pour a bottle of hydrogen peroxide down the dog (yuck!). Within seconds, the dog vomited up a ton of chocolate.
Poisoning averted, for the price of a bottle of peroxide.