Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peace on earth

Sometimes the universe brings you exactly what you need.

Two days on the road with questionable weather, too many Christmas treats, and family members with a wide range of very different expectations of how to celebrate the holidays all left me feeling stressed and exhausted.

This morning, while on what I thought would be a short stroll with Katey, I discovered a magical trail through a wooded area just outside Halifax. The water from an icy brook along the path was so much more soothing than mall music and Christmas bells. There were no shoppers bustling or cars speeding on the slushy roads; only fresh deer prints in the snow and a hoot-hoot from a far off owl. I felt like I was right where I needed to be, in the woods with my dog, a reminder of what’s really important, letting go of stress and negativity.

As we walked, I felt the joy seep back into my heart and the calm that I strive to achieve becoming part of this Christmas Eve day.

I wish you the same joy and peace throughout the holidays.

What I'm grateful for today: Those small and sometimes overlooked moments of joy each and every day


Dee said...

Merry Christmas - and peace - to you, too, Chris.

Annie said...

Magic on Christmas Eve ... how wonderful! Wishing you a joyful Christmas day. Annie