Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vitamin D, melatonin & flaxseed

I faithfully take 1000 IUs of vitamin D every morning.

According to a Canadian study: “Breast cancer patients with low levels of vitamin D were much more likely to die of the disease or have it spread than patients getting enough of the nutrient.” Read more…

In a recent Ottawa Citizen column, Julie Mason writes: “To D or not to D: It's not a question. The science is clear: Vitamin D is an inexpensive pill with powerful benefits. One reputable study showed a 60 per cent reduction in the incidence of cancer among people who had higher levels of vitamin D, as compared to those who were vitamin D deficient.” Read more…

It has also been reported that people with breast cancer have lower levels of melatonin. I’ve never been sure if the lack of melatonin causes the cancer, or could it be that the cancer depletes one’s melatonin (or vitamin D for that matter)?

I've been eating 2 tablespoons of flaxseed every day for about 10 years. It seems rather foolish; after all, it didn’t keep the cancer from returning.

But I keep taking it. Who knows, maybe it kept it from coming back sooner. I really don’t know, but I’m too superstitious to stop.


Anonymous said...

You're not superstition, Chris, just practicing good, positive self-care. As more and more info becomes available on how to live healthy, it just makes sense to do what we can and make use of that knowledge. You're a great role model, plus you're sharing invaluable information through your blog that is helpful to others. Way to go! And thank you!

Dee said...

Heya Chris, about a year and a half ago, I found some research online in which scientists injected mice with breast cancer cells. They gave some of them melatonin and some didn't get any. The ones with melatonin saw the breast cancer tumors decrease and/or stop growing. Whether that is because the substance itself (melatonin) fights breast cancer or if it's because melatonin helps you sleep better, thereby increasing your body's immune system to fight cancer is something I don't know. I think it's the latter. See:

I didn't know that about Vitamin D, though. I wonder if I should have my own vitamin D level assessed. I always figure I get plenty of sun exposure and I eat fairly healthy, too.